Short codes tab


A service can be inserted into a page or post to allow booking by copying the generated short code and pasting it into your page or post.

To find the short-code of your service, go into the short codes tab found in the “Services” page and select a service in the left page. Then copy the short code generated in the right pane. 

If you select multiple services, this will add a service switcher dropdown list in your booking form allowing your customer to switch services on the fly. 


A search filter can be inserted into a page or post to allow listing availability. Any availability that matches the start date and end date used in the filter will be listed along with a thumbnail and description of the availability. 

By clicking an item in the list, the resulting page linked to the service will be displayed with the booking form auto populated with the selected dates.


When using the search filter, ensure that you set the “Search page result link” field found in the services page. This needs to be done for each service that will participate in the search result. Simply select the page where the service short-code has been placed. When the item is clicked in the search result, the page that opens is the one you set in the search page result link.

The description displayed will be the value set in the Services -> Availability page, “Description” field. The thumbnail used in the search result will be the thumbnail set in the Services -> Availability “Search result image URL” field.