The Settings - Emails page is where you can customize emails.

The plugin sends out several notifications to customers regarding the status of their booking. General properties such a sender name and email, the admins email address, the logo of your company to include in the emails and color settings can be managed on this screen.

If you wish even more control, i.e. if you want to include custom content within the emails, select the template and add your modifications.

Importantly, try to pay particular attention to the existing tokens and the braces around the tokens. Some tokens are enclosed within 2 curly braces and others within 3.

Note that the templating engine in use will try to alert you of mistakes made, however this may not always happen. So, make sure you test the emails to catch any mistakes you may have made. In case things don’t look right, reset the template and start over. A reset button will appear after saving your first customization.

SMTP settings

By default, emails will be sent through your local webserver, however you may change this by including a different mail server to send emails.

For example, on localhost, you may not even have a mail server running or perhaps you simply want to use a third-party mail server because your hosting mail server has constraints on sending mail.

Here’s a quick example, if you were to use Gmail, which has a free and reliable plan. According to Google’s documentation, you can send up to 100 emails every rolling 24-hour period when relaying through their SMTP servers. Which is roughly around 3,000 emails per month for free, not bad for regular usage.

The settings is as follows:

Expand the smtp settings and insert the following values:

·         Server:

·         username: your Gmail address

·         password: your Gmail password

·         Port Number: 587

·         Smtp Authenticate: true

·         Protection: TLS