Email Reminders

The Settings - Email reminder page is where you can setup reminders.

This will allow Calendarista to remind your customers when an appointment is coming up.

To setup reminders, select a service and set a reminder value in minutes. Then click save reminder.

Reminders for that particular service will be sent out to the customer minutes before the appointment starts where minutes is the reminder value you saved on the service.

Reminders that were sent out will be documented in the list in this page so that you may track the results.

Important: Reminders are based on WordPress CRON jobs. These by default are not real CRON jobs and depend on site traffic. For accurate results, ensure that you have setup WordPress to function as a real CRON job.

Currently, the plugin does not require you to save a specific URL for CRON. What you need to do is to “replace the WordPress CRON with a Real CRON job”. If you are not familiar with this, then google the part within quotes above.