The Settings - Assets page allows you some control on third party CSS and JavaScript files registered by the plugin and can be disabled here. This is useful in case there are third party plugins or themes are causing a conflict because they too include the same libraries. Generally, we do not recommend you disable any assets because sometimes the versions may differ and this will cause Calendarista to function incorrectly.

Some of the options worth a mention:

1.    A setting noteworthy mentioning is “Debug mode”. This option when will include the full uncompiled versions of the client-side libraries. This may help sometimes when debugging issues.

2.    The calendar used in the front-end can also be themed here. Simply select one from the various available themes in the “Calendar themes” field. Currently we include a single theme to keep the plugin size compact.

3.    Set the URL to a Font file using the Font-Family URL field. The font-family name itself needs to be set in the services page, styles tab.