Availability Tab

This is where you can setup the calendar, including the days and time slots you are available and the cost if applicable among other options. Multiple availabilities can be created. In this case, each availability will be listed in a list in the front-end. We will skip self-explanatory and optional settings so that we can focus on the main settings you will need.

Note that most of the availability settings depend on the service mode selected.

1.    Provide a name for the availability. Make sure the name is short and descriptive. This will help you identify an availability quickly. The same name will also be used in the front-end in case you have created multiple availabilities.

2.    Set the date and time your availability starts.

3.    Seats can be set depending on the service mode. Not all modes support seats. Additionally, if the service supports timeslots, then you will be able to set seats per timeslot and the setting will be available separately when creating timeslots.

4.    An image URL can be provided optionally. If you do provide one, it will display in the front-end when the availability is selected. This can be useful in cases where you want to display the picture of the person that owns the availability. To set the images width and height refer the “Styles” section.

5.    Check “repeat”, this will allow you to add days to your availability. If you do not check repeat, you will end up with a single day in your availability, which is the date you’ve setup in step 2. Checking “Repeat” will produce a dialog box where you can setup the repetition pattern.


Note that we will not go through the options in the “Repeat” dialog as these are all quite simple to guess what they do.

This covers the necessary settings required to create an availability. Now click the “Create New” button. Congratulations. You have just created your first service.

In case the service mode is one that includes timeslots, then you are not quite done yet. Head on to the “Timeslots” tab. We will discuss this in the next section.

Synchronize an availability

You can synchronize service availabilities. This is useful when the same appointment in one availability cannot be made in another and hence won't be available for booking.

First of all for this to work, you need to set a limited number of seats, i.e. seats have to be a value of 1 or greater.

1. Next, from the services - availability page, you need to select the availability.

2. Scroll down to the "Synchronize" section and expand it.

3. If you have more than 1 service or availability, you will see these listed.

4. Check every availability with which you want to sync.

5. Repeat this for each availability so that the sync is two-way.

6. Try making an appointment. You will see that the same appointment cannot be booked again on another.

Note: Synching only works across services of the same mode.

Pricing scheme

Pricing scheme when selecting 2 or more days is available throughout the Multi date range, Multi date and time range and the Changeover service modes.

What this does is allows you to set a cost by number of days. For example, if you wanted to charge $50 for 1 day, and for each additional day, scale it down this is possible. For each number of days that might vary, you insert the number of days and the cost.

A number of days not in the pricing scheme will inherit the default cost set on the availability. Otherwise the cost is overridden by what is set in the pricing scheme.

Note that you can also auto-generate a pricing scheme by setting a day range, for example if we wanted 3 - 6 days to cost $150, the auto-generate will allow you to do this in one go instead of repeating the same thing 4 times, in this case 3, 4, 5, 6 with a cost of $150.

The pricing scheme is also available within a season. If at a specific period you cost has to change you can create a season and set a pricing scheme accordingly.