Insert your purchase code to receive updates automatically. When a new update is available, you will receive notification in your WordPress dashboard, where you can install it directly. This allows you to avoid to having to manually download and update.

A purchase code can be registered only a live instance of your site.

Important: Keep in mind that once a purchase code is used, you cannot register it again on a separate website at the same time. In order to use it on a different domain or your site has undergone a domain change, you will want to first reset the purchase code in the update tab. If you are having trouble with this, open a new ticket with our support desk and we will reset it for you.

In case your support extension has expired and you would rather update manually, follow the steps below:

1. Download the zip file again from codecanyon. 

2. Then deactivate and delete the plugin in your WordPress plugins page. 

3. Upload the new zip file and install. 

4. After activation, your settings will return to how they were previously because all settings and data are maintained.