The package service mode allows you to setup a specific number of days your customers can book. This is especially useful when setting up excursion trips, tours etc.

Let’s say you have a tour once a month to Costa Rica that lasts 2 weeks and costs 600 euro.

1.    Create a new service and in the mode field select Package.

2.    After setting up the other properties in the service tab, move on to setup your availability.

3.    In the availability tab, set the name and select the date to start the package. This will be the first day the booking will start. As we will want to repeat this monthly for 2 weeks, the repetition will start from this date.

4.    For the No. of days field, insert the value 14. This means your package will consist of 14 days (2 weeks) which your customer will be booking.

5.    For the seats value, insert the number of bookings you have available. For instance, if this tour has place for 50 people, then you might want to set the seats value to 50. After 50 bookings, booking will close for this tour.

6.    If you set a value for seats in the previous step and you also want to allow a single individual to book more than one seat, you can check Group booking. What this will do is provide a list box in the front end where the number of seats can be selected.

7.    Next set the value of the cost to 600. This will apply to the entire package containing a 14 days trip.

8.    Next check the repeat box to display the Repeat dialog. Here select weekly and the day(s) of the week to repeat.

9.    Click OK and then click the “Create new” button. Your availability is created. You can add more than one availability which will be listed as a separate package where the customer will be able to select the intended package, in this case you might have a selection of different trips you want to provide.

10.   Your tour is ready for booking. Now copy the short-code generated. You will find this listed in the “Service” tab or you can go in the short-code tab and generate the short-code. Simply copy and insert this within a page or post.