WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. What makes WooCommerce integration a must for Calendarista is becuase there are so many payment gateways baked in. This integration will allow you to utilize WooCommerce for the payment features.

To enable WooCommerce, first create a WooCommerce Product of type Calendarista. This can be accomplished by:

1.    Add a new WooCommerce product by clicking "Products - Add new”.

2.    Set a product name. For consistency, give the product name the same name of your service. This will allow you to identify the product easily as you will require it later when creating a service in Calendarista.

3.    Select "Calendarista" from the "Product data" dropdownlist list.

4.    Set a product image. This will show in your cart and is optional.

5.    Click publish. You have now created 1 product of type Calendarista. You can create more products if you need to connect more Calendarista services with WooCommerce checkout.

To connect a service with WooCommerce, from the "Services" page in Calendarista, scroll down to the "Payments" section and:

1.    Select "Enable payments and cart system through WooCommerce".

2.    Select a WooCommerce product.

3.    Click "Create New" or "Save".

4.    It's done.

Now, during checkout, you will land on the WooCommerce cart page, ready for payment. After payment, the booking is logged both with WooCommerce and Calendarista.

The state of the booking will appear unpaid, until you go into the "WooCommerce - Orders" page and from the actions column, click the "Completed" button, represented by a checkmark icon. This will signal that the payment has completed successfully and the booking will also appear "Paid" in the Calendarista "Sales" page as well.

Important: When using optionals with seats enabled, if you add more than one quantity in woocommerce, the calculation is total x quantity.