If cost depends on certain periods i.e. seasons, for example high season, low season etc, in this case you may setup one or more seasons.

1. First ensure payments are enabled on the service.

2. From the "Services - Seasons" page, select an availability and allow the page to reload.

3. Set a season start and season end date. This will be the duration of your season.

3. Set a cost. This can be either a fixed value or a percentage value. If setting a percentage value, this will be a percentage of the base cost set on the availability.

4. Select to either +Add or -Deduct. If choosing to add, the cost value set will add up to the base cost. Deduct will do the exact opposite.

6. If you want to target specific days of the week within the season start/end date range, then you may do so by checking the date by week day name.

7. Now click Create. You have just created a season. You may create more seasons. Just make sure these do not overlap with other seasons within the same availability.

Note that the service modes single day and time and the single day and time range do not support seasons. This is because they are timeslots based and timeslots in Calendarista already allow you to set the cost for any particular week day, week end, or a specific date of your choosing.