Guests tab

Guests will allow you to add one or more numbered lists that will appear right after a date/time selection. If group booking is enabled, then these will appear directly under the seats list.

By creating one or more guests, you will be able to enable your booking form to collect additional information from your customer, such as adults, children etc.

Creating adults and children selection list

1. From the "Services - Guests" page, select an availability and allow the page to reload.

2. Set a label, in this case "Adults" and click the Add button.

3. From the list of guest fields section in the right pane, you will see your adult label. Click the Edit button.

4. From the Seats by number of guest(s) section, add the value 1 for Min. guests and 5 for Max. guests. This will display the values 1 - 5 in the adult’s lists.

6. From the Cost by number of guest(s) section

            a) Add the value 2 for Cost and 1 for No. of guests. Click the Add button.

            b) Add the value 4 for Cost and 2 for No. of guests. Click the Add button.

            c) Repeat until you reach 5 guests. This will set a cost for each adult selected.

7. It's done. If you need another guests section, this time "Children". Then repeat steps 1 - 6. You may add as many lists as you require.

Note that, for service modes that support group booking, such as Single day and the Single day and time or Package mode, you will be able to make a guest list depended on the number of available seats. For example, if there are 4 seats available, then you may want to allow selecting no more than 4 adults. This can be done from the Seats by number of guests section where you will find a seats field for each entry.

Remember, a guest can be anything that makes sense to your business. It does not necessarily have to be no. of adults or children