Maps tab

There are two types of maps you can create in Calendarista. The one we will discuss now are the simple maps. These only display a certain location and do not offer interaction. This allows you to show the location of the property for example.

1.    Select the availability to which the map will apply. When this is the active availability in the front-end, the map will show.

2.    Insert the address you want displayed on the map. This is normally the address of the asset being booked for ex. The property location. The input box supports auto completion, however you may find it easier to zoom in on the map in the right pane and right click to select an area.

3.    Select a styling for the map. If you do not provide a styling, the default google maps styling will be used.

4.    Check display marker if you want a marker indicating the address you set in step 2 on the map. If you do not check this then only the area around the address will be displayed.

5.    Set the icon URL, icon width and icon height if you have a custom marker you want to display in place of the default markers used by google maps.

That’s all you need to do to display a map in the front end.

Note, in order to offer a more advanced booking experience that includes setting destination and departure routes, this is yet another feature we will discuss in later sections known as “Places” and is a separate topic.