Styles tab

The booking form displayed in the front-end can be styled. We offer basic styling and advanced styling.


Basic styling will allow you to change the color by selecting one from several predefined colors available. In addition, you can set some basic properties discussed below.

1.    Select a Theme

·         This setting allows you to choose from one of several predefined color schemes available. The color scheme will apply to the wizard containing the booking form.

2.    Font-Family and Font-size

·         This applies to fonts used in the wizard

3.    Thumbnail width and height

·         This applies to the images you set on the availability. The image displays in the wizard when the availability is active.



You can also control the presentation of the summary data found within the wizard. This will allow you to change the entire HTML structure of the content but keep in mind that some basic knowledge of HTML is required.

Importantly, try to pay particular attention to the existing tokens and the braces around the tokens. Some tokens are enclosed within 2 curly braces and others within 3.

We provide this level of customization to power users who know their way around templating engines. For a list of tokens, expand the tokens and control statement sections.

The templating engine in use will try to alert you of mistakes made, however this may not happen always. In case things don’t look right, reset the template and start over. A reset button will appear after saving your first customization.